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Configuring alert notification

Alert notification is configured in the Alert Management section of the Preferences window. Before you can define the alert management, however, you need to define the Email settings in the System Variables and the email address in your administrator settings.

This topic includes:

Configuring email address

To be able to access and define these settings, your account must be enabled with the Account Enabled parameter.

  1. Select Options> My User Account.
    Properties dialog box appears on the screen.
  2. Find the Email box and enter your email address.

  3. Click OK to confirm and close the window.

Configuring email settings

In the Mail tab of the System Variables page, you define the default settings for the email system throughout your network.

  1. Select any line in the table in the right window pane of the respective topic.
  2. Select Edit > Properties .
    The Assign an Administrator dialog box appears on the screen.
  3. Make the appropriate modifications to the individual values.
  4. Click OK to confirm the modifications and close the window.

The new settings are taken into account immediately.

Configuring Alert Management user preferences

As a prerequisite for these options, you must have an email address configured in your administrator account and the email settings in the System Variables must be specified.

  1. Select the Preferences button in the upper right-hand corner.
    The Preferences dialog box appears on the screen.
  2. Select the Alert Management tab.
  3. Check the Send multiple alerts in one email box, if you prefer to receive collected alerts in one email instead of receiving one email per alert.
    If this is the case, you must then define the time during which the alerts are collected before being sent.

  4. Enter the desired value into the Minute(s) box.
    This text box defines the frequency at which alert notifications are sent. To deactivate this option enter 0. If this option is activated with for example, 60 minutes, then the administrator will receive an email every hour, if within that hour new alerts arrived. This email will contain the list of the alerts generated during the last hour and their basic information, such as the device on which it occurred, the severity, the category, and so on.

  5. To define for which events you want to receive alerts click the arrow icon next to the event category under the Notify me when the following alerts occur panel.
    This will expand the respective section and display all its available events.
  6. Check the boxes of the events for which alerts are to be generated and sent. You can select as many events as you want.
  7. Click OK to confirm and close the window.
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