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Compliance Rules for Compliance Management

Compliance rules in BMC Client Management - Compliance Management are used to define if a device or a group of devices is compliant with the organization's policies and regulations. Based on specific criteria groups that are defined by the administrator the CM agent then checks each target device if it complies to the requirements.

Compliance rules are stored in folders. These folders are for grouping one or more rules according to your own specific type of classification to make organization and the finding of specific rules easier. Compliance rule folders can contain any number of predefined or custom-made compliance rule folders and compliance rule for making sure all devices in your system are compliant to the defined standards and policies.

What is a compliance rule?

A compliance rule defines the criteria groups to which the target population has to correspond to be considered compliant. It specifies in which relation the individual criteria groups stand to each other and displays the conformity results in text and graphical format.

How does device compliance work?

Compliance rules in BMC Client Management - Compliance Management allow to evaluate the current situation of the network population about their compliance. The agent or scanner collects information about the devices via which it then defines if a device is compliant with company policies and regulations or not. If not, it can restrict its accesses and operations.

The calculation of device compliance in BMC Client Management - Compliance Management is based on a number of specifically defined criteria. The values for these are located in the different inventories available in the console and the database. This information is collected by the agent via operational rules that are executed on the devices in your network and then uploaded to the master database. After the information is available, the compliance rules can calculate the compliance of a device about specific aspects of its configuration.

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