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Checking connection to the directory server

To ensure that your directory server entry is valid and working, BMC recommends that you verify the connection.


If you have Windows XP and 2003 32-bit devices in your environment ensure that you have correctly configured the server certificate verification, that is, the server certificate is included with the trusted certificates of the clients. If the server certificate cannot be verified by the client all communication between server and client will not be encrypted.

For more information about this issue on Windows devices, see the Microsoft Knowledge Base article 835208. For more information about certificates and how to configure and install them, see the Client Management and SSL topic of the Reference section.

  1. Select Global Settings > Directory Servers in the left window pane.
  2. Select the directory server node for which you want to verify the connection in the left window pane.
  3. Select Edit > Check Connection .
    The console will verify its connection with the directory server and make the results known in a message box displayed on the screen. The results are either Connection successful! or Connection failed! If the connection failed this could be due either to a physical issue with the network or some incorrectly entered directory server data.
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