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Automatically Downloading Patches

Before being deployed to devices, patches must be available as packages on the Patch Manager . When you deploy patches automatically via the Patch/Service Pack Distribution two different cases can occur:

  • if the selected patches were already downloaded and compiled as packages, they are immediately sent to the target devices for deployment.
  • if the selected patches have not been downloaded yet, they are first downloaded by the Patch Manager , compiled as packages and then sent to the target devices for deployment.

Therefore, to deploy several patches which require much disk space, downloading can be time consuming and the start of the deployment is put on hold.

The Patch Manager can be configured to automatically download patches based on specific criteria. If there is for instance a new critical patch online, it is immediately downloaded. When you want to deploy it later on, the patch can be sent to all target devices right away without delay.

  1. Go to Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Dynamic Downloading .
  2. Click Create a dynamic downloader .
    The Create Dynamic Downloader dialog displays.
  3. In the text box Name enter a name for the new dynamic downloader and click OK .
    The dialog closes and a new dynamic downloader is created and listed in the right window pane.
  4. In the right window pane double-click Your Dynamic Downloader.
    The tab Options appears.
  5. Define the criteria for the patches to be dynamically downloaded:
    1. To only download patches of a certain severity, select the respective check boxes in the Severity area.
    2. In the Products area click . In the Add Products dialog select your product(s) and click OK .
    3. In the Languages area click . In the Add Languages dialog select your language(s) and click OK .
  6. Ensure that Estimated Number of Patches to Download at the top of the right window pane shows at least 1 patch . If 0 patches displays, repeat the last step with different criteria.
  7. To activate the dynamic downloader , select Active from the Enable Dynamic Downloader drop-down list.
  8. To save the settings of the dynamic downloader , click Save .
    A Confirmation dialog box appears.
  9. To confirm the new settings, click Yes.
  10. To follow the downloading progress, click the Status tab.
    All patches matching the defined criteria are listed and automatically downloaded.

You created, configured and activated a new . Thereby you made sure that important patches are always immediately downloaded and made available for deployment on the devices in your network.

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