Working with patch groups

A Patch Group is a container with all necessary information to deploy one or several patches to one or more target devices/device groups.

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What can I do with a Patch Group?

With a Patch Group you can:

  • deploy patches to devices and device groups
  • assign devices and device groups on which you want to deploy patches
  • define actions to be executed before and after deployment (for example, displaying a dialog, rebooting after installation)
  • define a schedule for patch deployment
  • generate and view reports on the Patch Group

Should I create one Patch Group with all patches or split patches into different Patch Groups?

If you have a limited number of patches that must be deployed to all devices in your network, it might be most efficient creating one patch group, add all your patches to the group and assign the predefined device group All Devices .

Thus you ensure that all devices in your network have the included patches installed.

If you have many patches from different vendors and BCM agents in different geographical locations, it might be most efficient to split patches into different groups.

Following you can see a fictitious example of a global company which has a location in Florida and wants to ensure that all Adobe products at that location are up to date. This example demonstrates a possible way of using patch groups effectively.

The process could be as following:

  • Creating Device Group : dynamic device group including all devices from your location in Florida.
  • Creating Patch Group : includes all patches for Adobe products and is therefore called Adobe Patches . Assign the dynamic device group with devices from Florida.
  • Scheduling : Define a schedule to deploy the patches of the patch group every Saturday when the network load is low. All patches are deployed to the devices next Saturday. Due to this schedule the Patch Manager checks the devices from Florida every Saturday: if a device has the patches already installed, no patches are deployed and the Patch Manager continues checking. If there is a new device detected which is missing the patches, the respective patches are immediately deployed.
  • Generating Report : generate the predefined report Patch Group Executive Summary every Monday morning and have it sent it by email to your account and other employees in your company who require a report.

All your Adobe products that are installed on the devices in Florida are automatically patched and a report is generated and distributed providing an overview of the current patching situation.

Where do I find a Patch Group in the console?

To view all your existing patch groups go to:

To define Global Settings for patch groups go to:

To view predefined reports assigned to patch groups go to:

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