Uploading Application Monitoring Events to the Master

Up to now the event data regarding application monitoring are only available locally on the agent. However, to be able to generate reports on this topic and to view them in the console together with other data these events must be specifically uploaded to the master and its database. Once data on application monitoring is available in your network, you can generate different reports to summarize the general situation or detail specific application lists.

  1. Click the Wizards > Operational Rule Creation menu item to launch the Operational Rule Creation Wizard to create an operational rule uploading the available events.
  2. In the Definition window enter a descriptive name into the Name field, e.g. Upload Application Monitoring Events .
  3. Click Next .
  4. In the Steps window click Add Step .
  5. In the Select a Step window click the Event Log Manager folder.
  6. Select the step Upload Events and click Add .
  7. From the Model Name drop-down list select the Monitored Applications , Prohibited Application or Protected Application value for the respective list type and leave all other boxes as they are.
  8. Click OK to confirm the parameters.

    To add the upload for all three types of lists repeat points 3 to 5 for the other two types.

  9. Click OK again to add the step to the rule.
  10. Once all steps are added click Finish to confirm the new rule and finish this wizard.
  11. In the Confirmation dialog box, click Yes to continue directly with the distribution of the new rule.
  12. In the Operational Rule window click Next without any modifications.

    In the Assigned Targets window you need to define the targets of the rule distribution.

  13. Click Add Device Group on top of the list field.
  14. Select the group containing your target devices, for example All Devices from the list box.
  15. Click OK .
  16. Click Finish to confirm all settings and finish this wizard..
  17. In the Confirmation dialog box, check the Go to Operational Rule box to change the focus of the console window to the rule distribution view of the assigned group.
  18. Click OK to confirm the activation.
  19. If you did not check the Go to Operational Rule box at the end of the wizard select the rule in the left window pane and then the rule's Assigned Objects > Devices subnode.

    In the table to the right you can see the entry for each of the assigned devices and you can follow the upload process in the view's schedule Status column.

The initial status is Assignment Sent and the final stage should be Executed . Once this status displays the events are uploaded to the master database.

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