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Setting the Application Monitoring module parameters

The Application Monitoring (ApplicationMonitor) module provides administrators with visibility on installed applications and link them to the business cycle. It allows for the correlation of software inventory data between purchased software to installed software and used software.


Default Value


Check Interval (sec)


Defines the interval in seconds at which the list of managed applications is monitored on the local client.

Stop Application if Prohibited


Defines if an application that is found to be currently executing is to be terminated if it is defined as being prohibited under the Prohibited Applications node.

Display a pop-up window when an application has been stopped


Uncheck this box to not display a pop-up window on the screen to inform the user that the application he just tried to launch was automatically stopped because it is prohibited.

Local Image File Path (bmp only)

The name and full path of the image file that is to be displayed in the pop-up window for a stopped application. The image file must be of type .bmp . If the image cannot be found, that is, because it is of another type, or it is too small, the default BMC image is used. If the image is too large it is cropped to fit the window. The default size of the BMC image is 460 x 310.

Popup Window Message Text

The text that is to be displayed on the remote screen on which the application was stopped if a message window is displayed.

Event Creation Delay for Unterminated Monitored Applications (hours)


Specifies the number of hours after which an event is created, even if the launched application has not yet been terminated. In this case the end date of the generated event is the same as the start date. Once the application is terminated a new event is generated with the proper end date filled in.

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