Rolling out your first agent

Most management features in Client Management (patch management, remote control, software distribution, and so on) require that agents are installed on the target computers.

The agent rollout wizard facilitates installation of the CM agent within your environment. The two main components of this process are:

  • The Rollout Server, a device that generates self-extracting agent installation packages and can push them on the target devices.
  • Rollouts which include agent installation files, target devices and rollout options.

A typical Client Management architecture has a smaller number of relays directly under the master and a larger number of clients under each relay. This first section therefore teaches you how to perform the two main types of rollout:

  1. Rolling out relay agents (with the master server as their direct parent) and
  2. Rolling out final clients (with one of the previously installed relays as their parent).

The following topics are provided:

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