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Rolling out client agents via the Microsoft network neighborhood

This procedure rolls out client agents to Windows 7 devices using the Windows network neighborhood.

  1. Select Wizards > Agent Rollout .
    The Core Setup Configuration window appears.
  2. Check the Configure the relay selection or use master otherwise box.

    If you want to schedule the rollout at a specific date and time check the box for second last question.

  3. Click Next .
    The General Parameters appears.
  4. Enter the name of the new rollout (for example, Windows 7 Client Rollout) into the Name box.
  5. Enter the name for the rollout package executable in the Auto-extractable Name box (for example, win7clientagent12.exe ).
  6. Select the operating system group to which the agent is to be rolled out from the list of the Operating System box (for example, Windows XP/2003... (64 bit) .
  7. Click Next .
    The Communication window appears.
  8. To find the relay click Import Devices from CSV File next to the Parent Name box.
  9. Click All .
  10. Select the desired parent device from the list and click OK .
  11. Click Next .
    The Targets & Accounts window appears.
  12. Click Add Device from List .
    The Select Devices from the List window appears. It provides you with the different methods to select the rollout targets.
  13. Select the Network tab in the left window bar.
    The box Available Devices displays now the Microsoft Windows Network Neighborhood structure on the screen.
  14. Open the tree structure under which the target devices are located.
  15. Select the devices to be added to the list by highlighting and moving them to the Selected Devices list to the right via Add .
    • You can select a maximum of 18 devices for your rollout with the evaluation license. The evaluation license allows you to test with a total of 20 devices, and you have already installed the master and probably at least one relay.
    • You cannot add the master as a target device.
  16. Click OK to add the selected devices and close the window.
  17. Click Add Administrator .
  18. Enter the required data for the account login into the respective boxes.
  19. Click Verify Rollout to ensure that the entered account data is correct.
  20. Click OK and then Finish .
  21. In the Confirmation dialog box, select the Go to Rollout radio button to change the focus of the console window to the new rollout. Click Yes to confirm the immediate activation.
  22. If you did not check the Go to Rollout box at the end of the wizard select the newly created rollout in the left tree hierarchy and then its Servers subnode. In the Assigned Schedule tab, you can follow the general progress of the client rollout assignment.
  23. After this value reads Executing , select the Targets tab to follow progress of each individual target through the Status column (initial status is Initial and final stage should be Installed ).

You have now rolled out the CM agent to specific devices of your infrastructure that were provided by the Microsoft Network Neighborhood.

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