Regularly uploading events

By default, the events are uploaded to the master database once every day at midnight. If the device is offline at that time, the events are uploaded at agent startup. If this schedule does not fit your requirements you can change it.

When using the automatic activation, a default schedule is assigned to the operational rule: immediate execution, once. For our example we will schedule the upload to take place every morning at 7, just in time for you to generate a daily report about the activities of the last 24 hours.

  1. If you cleared the Default Schedule option in the first window, the last step of the wizard will be the Schedule window.
  2. First go to the Validity tab.

    This tab allows you to define the activation of the execution and its termination.

  3. Go to the following Termination box, select the Run Forever radio button.
  4. Now select the Frequency tab.
  5. Leave the By Schedule and the Run Every Day radio buttons selected.
  6. In the Period drop-down box select the value Once daily .
  7. In the following list box select the time at which to execute the upload, for example, 07:00.

    To modify the minute value just click in the list box with the selected value and change the value, for example, to 07:30.

  8. Click Finish to confirm the schedule and terminate the wizard.
  9. Continue with the general procedure.
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