Regularly generating (update) the inventory

When using the automatic activation, a default schedule is assigned to the operational rule: immediate execution, once. In our case we will define a schedule first and then the assignment must be activated.

For our example, it might be useful to run the inventory rule at regular intervals, such as once a week to make sure all devices are still on their assigned power schemes and the users have not modified these. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. After the device group was assigned, go to the Inventory > Power Management > Assigned Objects > Assigned Group node.
  2. Select the All Devices entry in the table in the right window pane.
  3. To define the schedule either double-click the table entry or select Properties .
    The Properties window will open on the screen.
  4. First go to the Validity tab.

    This tab allows you to define the activation of the execution and its termination.

  5. In the Select Execution Date box define on when to run the inventory collection.

    In our example we select the Next Startup radio button to launch the inventory when the agent is started next.

  6. Then go to the following Termination box and click Run Forever.
  7. Now select the Frequency tab.
  8. Select the Day of the Week radio button.

    The check boxes for the individual weekdays become available which are all checked.

  9. Clear all boxes apart from Sunday to ensure that the devices start their work week with the right scheme.
  10. In the Period drop-down box to the right select the value Once daily.
  11. In the following list box select the time at which to execute the inventory collection, for example, 22:00.

    To modify the minute value just click in the list box with the selected value and change the value, for example, to 22:30.

  12. Click OK to confirm the new schedule and close the window.

    The status currently displays Assignment Paused , which means you must activate the new schedule.


    If the rule was already executed before and the schedule modified afterwards the status displays Update Paused .

  13. Reselect the All Devices entry in the table and then activate it by clicking Activate Operational Rule .

    If the rule was already executed it must now be reassigned instead of activated, therefore select Reassign Operational Rule .

    A confirmation window appears.

  14. Click Yes.
    The group status will change to Activated.
  15. To follow the assignment of the group members select the All Devices node and follow the different status values in the table to the right.
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