Proxy server multicast history

The History displays the complete list of all multicast sessions completed by the selected proxy server.

In addition to the preceding information you will get access to the individual sessions and their information via a subnode for each of them.

This dashboard provides the following summary:



Multicast Session Breakdown

This table displays information relative to the multicast session status situation.



The number of project sessions that are either planned, executing or finished their execution within this project.



The session executed successfully.



The session failed.

Status Breakdown

This pie chart displays the multicast server data, that are listed in the table to the left in form of a pie chart, that is, the number of deployment sessions executed on this server that succeeded or failed.

The following table provides some more detailed information:




The automatically generated user friendly name of the multicast session.

Project Name

The name of the project for which this session is executed.


The IP address of the OSD server or its local interface on which the multicast is transferring on.

Start Mode

Defines the start condition for a transfer. The following values are available:

  • None (clear both check boxes): No automatic start. The transfer can only be started manually through the Start button.
  • After (Min.) : The transfer automatically starts after the defined number of minutes after the connection of the first target to the server is established.
  • Registered Targets : The transfer automatically starts once the defined number of targets are connected to the server.
  • Both conditions : The transfer automatically starts when either the defined number of machines are connected or the defined number of minutes after the first targets connected to the server are reached, whichever comes first.

Maximum Speed (Mbps)

Defines the maximum speed network allowed in megabit per second (Mbps). The default value is 0 , which means the speed is adapted according to the conditions. The speed is re-estimated on a regular basis or if packets start to fail. You may adjust this parameter during a transfer.

Overall Progress (%)

The overall progress expressed as a percentage of the multicast sessions that are currently executing or already executed for this project on this server.


The current status of the multicast transfer, which is typically one of the following: Waiting, Pending, Starting or Running .

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