Power Management reporting

The easiest and clearest way to monitor the power management activity is via reporting. The CM console provides a template-based report for this. However, contrary to other modules, there is only one template with a number of different options to display the different aspects of the topic.

  • All reports that can be generated with this template according to its different units and groupings can either be shown as a summary for all devices or with the same details displayed for each device that is included in the report.
  • The report details can be grouped by Status, Weekly Hours, Day, Month, Week or Year
  • The units according to which the data can be displayed are Percentage, Hours, Energy, Price and CO2 Emission.
  • The reports can be generated for a specific period of time.
  • As usual all these reports can be generated and displayed in HTML, PDF and XML format.

The following section will provide some examples of these possibilities, mostly as a summary.

For our examples, we will only create one report which we will modify each time to see the different possibilities. However, you can also create a new report for each example, but this will not be explained specifically. Following topics provide more information about power management reporting:

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