Operations on View of OSD Image

The following topic provides more information about modifying an OS image:

Modifying an OS Image

To modify the parameters of an existing OS image proceed as follows:

  1. Select OS Deployment > Your OSD Manager > Images > Your OS Image in the left window pane.
  2. Select Edit > Properties
    The Properties window appears.
  3. Make the desired changes in the respective boxes.
  4. Click Check Image to the right of the Status box.

    If the Status box appears any other value than OK you need to reverify the changes for errors before you can continue.

  5. Click OK once the Status OK is returned, to confirm the modification of the selected image.

Your changes were saved and applied to the selected OS image.

The following topic provides more information about Project node:


The Projects node displays the list of individual projects assigned to the selected object. Projects can be assigned to:

  • any number of WinPE compatible drivers (the node is not available for non-WinPE drivers)
  • any number of images
  • only one target list

The table shows the following information about the projects assigned to the currently selected object:




This field displays the name of the currently selected project.


This field indicates the type of architecture for the OS deployment, that is, the architecture of the WinPE image launching the setup program. The possible options are 32 Bit for x86 and 64 Bit for amd64 Windows installations.


This field displays the deployment type which the project contains, possible values are Windows Vista/Server 2008 Setup, Windows XP/Server 2003 Setup, Deployment by Installation, Customised Deployment, Deployment by WIM Image and Capture by WIM Image.


This value indicates if the project was build and the files required to install and reboot the device are available, that is, the image files, the boot file, the PXE files, the unattended files, etc. Possible values are Yes, the build process finished successfully and the necessary files were published and No, the necessary files are not yet published and available. Only one project can be online at a time.

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