Managing targets

A target list contains all the devices to which the deployment is to be assigned. This node provides access to the members of the selected list and their respective information. If the target list is defined by a subnet mask, this list will be filled in dynamically and the devices will add themselves once they are booted. By default this list is updated every 4 minutes.

The table of the target list's node displays the following information:




This column lists the names of all targets.

MAC Address

The MAC, that is, the hardware address of the device.


This field indicates if the device was added to the target list as an individual device (Target) or if it is part of a subnet mask (PXE Mask).


This field displays the current status of the selected device with regards to the operating system deployment.

Activation Status

This field displays the status of the target device with regards to their OS installation. The possible values are Inactive Target illustrated also with a blue flag , if the installation process was launched with success and Active Target illustrated also with a green flag , if the device is still waiting to launch its OS installation or an error occurred.

DHCP Activated

Indicates if the internal DHCP server is enabled.

Static IP Address

The IP address which is to be attributed to the target device.

A target list also provides access to all of its members via their own subnode.

The following sections provide information about managing Targets:

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