Managing OSD Projects

Projects are the central point which collect all different elements which compose the OS deployment.

Via these elements it receives all the information which is then compiled during the project build process. After this process has terminated with success the project becomes active and publishes all required information and files, that is, all required information is made available to the target devices for installation.

In the tree structure in the left window pane below the Projects node you can see one subnode for each project type for which at least one project is defined.

The following topics are provided:

Project types

The nodes for the different project types are automatically created when the first project of the respective type is created. All newly created projects will automatically be added in their project type.

The node of a Project Type provides a list of all existing projects of its type with the following information:




This column lists the names of all projects that were created under the respective Project Type node.


This field indicates the type of architecture for the OS deployment, that is, the architecture of the WinPE image launching the setup program. The possible options are 32-bit for x86 and 64-bit for amd64 Windows installations.


This field displays the deployment type which the project contains, possible values are Windows Vista/Server 2008 Setup, Windows XP/Server 2003 Setup, Deployment by Installation, Customized Deployment, Deployment by WIM Image and Capture by WIM Image .


This value indicates if the project was a build and the files required to install and reboot the device are available, that is, the image files, the boot file, the PXE files, the unattended files, and so on. Possible values are Yes , the build process finished successfully and the necessary files were published, and No , the necessary files are not yet published and available. Only one project can be online at a time.

In the tree structure in the left window pane below a project type's node you can see one subnode for each defined Project.

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