Managing OSD Images

The Images node provides access to all images which are defined for the operating system deployment.

Images must be created for all different types of deployment, that is, one is required as well when capturing a WIM image. Images are the objects that contain all the base information required to access the setup files or the WIM/custom image to install on the target device, that is, the directory where to find it and the access credentials.

Images are the objects that contain all the base information required by the target devices for the remote operating system installation, such as the location where to find the files to install, how to access the location, of which type the installation is, and all the installation instructions required by the target device to execute the deployment.

Images do not include the necessary drivers, these are added apart, the same images can be used in different sub-networks within the organization using different sets of drivers.

In the tree structure in the left window pane, the Images node has one subnode for each Image Type for which at least one image is defined.

The following topics are provided:

Image types

The nodes for the different image types are automatically created when the first image of the respective type is created. All newly created images will automatically be added in their image type:


Image Types

Setup Mode

  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Setup
  • Windows XP/Server 2003 Setup

WIM Image Mode

  • Standard WIM Image
  • Windows XP/Server 2003 Sysprep WIM Image
  • Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 Sysprep WIM Image

Custom Mode

  • WIM Image Capture
  • Customized Image

The Image Type node provides a list of all existing images with the following information:




This column lists the names of all images that were created under the Images node.


This field indicates the type of architecture for the OS deployment, that is, the architecture of the WinPE image launching the setup program. The possible options are 32 Bit for x86 and 64 Bit for amd64 Windows installations.


This parameter defines the image type being used for the deployment. This list is already pre-filtered and only provides image types applicable to the selected deployment mode.

In the tree structure in the left window pane, the Images node has one subnode for or each defined image.

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