Managing OSD Drivers

The Drivers node provides access to all drivers which are defined for the operating system deployment. From this view you can also access the Driver Tags . These provide you the possibility to classify your drivers according to your requirements.

The following different types or classes of drivers can be defined:

  • Deployment Drivers
    Deployment drivers are the drivers that are required by the WinPE for installation
  • OS Drivers
    Operating system drivers are drivers that may be required by the operating systems for its regular functioning once it is installed on the target devices, such as the keyboard or mouse drivers, video and audio drivers, modem drivers, and so on.
  • Driver Tags
    Driver tags are used to classify drivers according to their targets to make their selection easier when assigning them to specific projects.
  • Drivers by Model
    Drivers by model are folders that contain all drivers that are pertinent to a specific hardware model. This should be your preferred driver management method for more recent hardware, but it can also be used for older models.

This section includes following topics:

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