Managing OSD Disk Configurations

The Disk Configurations node provides access to all hard disk configurations which are defined for the operating system deployment.

BMC Client Management - Software Distribution comes with a number of predefined hard disk configurations which are directly available under this node. This node also allows you to create your own hard disk configurations with partition definition for specific requirements in your infrastructure.

The Disk Configurations node provides a list of all existing hard disk configurations with the following information:




This column lists the names of all hard disk configurations that were created under the main Disk Configurations node.

Partition Table



This value displays the total size of the respective hard disk in MB.


This field indicates the number of partitions defined for the respective hard disk.

In the tree structure in the left window pane below the Disk Configurations top node you can see one subnode for each defined Disk Configuration.

For more information on managing OSD Disk Configurations, see the following topics:

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