Managing OS Deployment via the wizards

OS Deployment can be executed via a number of different ways. The operating system deployment functionality only has one wizard, the OS Deployment that, however, executes all available deployment types, that is, different ways to deploy the operating system and the possibility to create a WIM capture of such a system. The following different types of deployment are available:

  1. OS Deployment
    • Setup Mode
    • WIM Image Mode
    • Custom Mode
  2. WIM Image Capture

This topic displays all the different possibilities the wizard offers for operating system deployment.

  1. From anywhere in the console select the Wizards > OS Deployment menu item.
  2. The wizard appears with its first window.

All different types of deployment require the selection and configuration of the OSD Manager before any operation can be executed. This is the same for all types and is done in the first two windows of the OS Deployment Wizard . Whenever an already configured OSD Manager is used its values are prepopulated into these two windows.

This section includes following topics:

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