Managing multicast sessions

The multicast sessions node provides access to all active and pending sessions of the currently selected project and the parameters defined for these sessions. It is only available for project that support multicast, such as deployments by setup and WIM images, sysprep or not. Custom deployments and captures are not supported. However, it is available even if the project is unicast, because the administrator can switch between unicast and multicast mode at any time from within the multicast options view.

Its details are shown via the following tabs:

  • [The
    Session's Dashboard|Session Dashboard#id122NA0T0730]
  • [The
    Session's Options|Session Options#id122NA0T00RO]
  • [The
    Session's History|Session History#id122NA0U05E9]

Furthermore you can see a subnode for each defined Multicast Server that executes sessions for this project.

The following topics provide more information about managing multicast sessions:

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