Managing miscellaneous preferences

The Miscellaneous tab define specifics for miscellaneous objects and functionalities of BMC Client Management.


The item in this box define specifics for all different types of inventories collected in BMC Client Management - Inventory . It has the following parameter:




Display Fields with an Empty Value

This parameter specifies if columns which contain no value for any instance due to the value not being recovered (for example if the value is not applicable to the operating system) are to be displayed in the table anyway. By default this box is checked, indicating that yes, empty fields are displayed in all concerned tables.

Advance Search

Case Sensitive

This parameter specifies if any search conducted in the console is to be take into account the different cases. By default this option is not activated, that is, searches are not case sensitive. If the option is activated, case sensitivity will be applied to all searches in the Search table, under the Search node, the patch knowledge base and the bulletin filters. Be aware, that this option will not work if the database you are using is not defined as case sensitive.


Number of mouse clicks to expand a node

This box defines the number of clicks with the left mouse button are needed to open a node in the hierarchy tree on the left. Possible values are 1 and 2, by default one click is defined. Closing a node always requires a double-click no matter the value entered here.


Filter bulletins also on patch names

This parameter defines if the search for bulletins is only executed in the bulletin name box or also in the patch name box, which is also the default. If this check box is not selected, any search of bulletins will only take the bulletin name into account.

Log Files

Display Console Log File

This parameter defines if the console log displays in the console terminal window on the screen. By default this option is not activated.

Balloon Tips

Display Balloon Tips

This parameter defines if the balloon tips are displayed for all pop-up windows in the console by default. It is possible to remove the balloon tips individually in a window by clicking the respective icon in the top right corner of the window.

Instant Expert

Display Instant Expert™

This parameter defines, if the Instant Expert panel in the right window pane are displayed when you access a top node. If this option is not activated the panel is displayed in the form of a tab on the bottom right of the right pane.

Customer Packager

Enable Full Path

This parameter defines if the package is to include the full path of the file or to put the file at the root of the installation.

On-line Satisfaction Survey1
Enable regular prompts for participation in on-line satisfaction surveysCheck this box to activate the prompting for the on-line satisfaction survey. In this case a pop-up menu displays every 35 logins to propose the customer satisfaction survey to the administrator. Taking the survey can be postponed, then the pop-up menu redisplays 5 logins later. If the participation is declined this option becomes deactivated.
Device Topology

Show Members Tab by Default

Defines if the Members tab is to be shown by default.

  1. This parameter defines if the CM online customer satisfaction survey is activated for the current administrator. The administrator must have managing capabilities for at least one of the following objects/object types:
    • Administrator
    • Security Profile
    • Directory Server
    • License
    • System Variables
    • Transfer Windows
    • Rollout or Inventory Filters

If this is not the case this option is dimmed. The default setting for this variable setting is defined in the System Variables. However, once the administrator is created, this option becomes independent of the system variable and can be modified individually.

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