Managing image repository storage

The Storage is divided into two parts:

  • The top part provides information on the disk space of the selected OSD agent.
  • The bottom part displays the list of OSD streams, that is, images, projects and drivers, available on the OSD manager and their status on the image repository.

Disk space information

The disk space information is provided by several different parameters as well as a pie chart that displays the overall situation of the disk.



Local Path

Displays the full path to the location where the OSD data are stored.

Used Space by OSD

The size in GB, that all stored OSD data currently use on the disk.

Used Space (without OSD)

The amount of disk space in GB that is used otherwise, that is, for all other data, apart from OSD.

Available Space

The amount of disk space in GB that is currently available on the disk.

OSD objects in the image repository cache

This part displays the list of OSD streams, that is the images, projects and drivers, available on the master and their status on the OSD agent. Each of these object streams can have more than one version and several deltas. The table displays the following information for each:




This column displays the hierarchy and the name of the respective OSD object. Click the arrow to the left to open or close the hierarchy on every level.


This column provides the synchronization status of the projects between the image repository and the OSD Manager. The possible values are:

  • Synchronized
    The object size equals the cache size.
  • Not Synchronized
    The cache size is 0.
  • Synchronizing
    The cache size does not yet equal the object size, but the download is still progressing.
  • Synchronization failed
    The cache size is larger than 0 but does not match the object size and no download is in progress.


The total size of the stream in MB on the OSD Manager.

Cache Size

The size in MB of the object in the local cache of the OSD agent, once it is synchronized. On the master this is always 0 MB.

Size to be downloaded

This field shows the size (GB) of what remains to be synchronized. This can be either the full object size, or a partial remaining value, if the synchronization was interrupted.

Create Time

The date and time at which the object was originally created or the project was last built after modifications.

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