Managing image repository configuration

The Configuration node allows you to configure specific aspects of the image repository. The following parameters are available:



OSD Role

The type of OSD role the device is assigned to. This may be either Image Repository , Network Boot Listener or Image Repository and Network Boot Listener , if the OSD agent executes both roles.

Storage Path

Enter the name of the environment variable for which the value is to be recovered, for example, CLASSPATH .

Network Interfaces

Defines on which local interfaces the agent listens. This can be either all interfaces or some specific ones.

This topic includes:

Configuring image repositories

To configure or modify the configuration of an image repository proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Configuration node of the image repository to modify in the left window pane.
  2. Select Edit > Properties .
    The Properties window appears.
  3. Make the desired changes:



    Storage Path

    Enter into this text box the relative path for the storage location for all necessary OSD data. The path is relative to the agent installation directory. Click Browse to select the path in the storage path selection window. Click OK to confirm and close the window. If this field is left empty the default path (../data/OsDeployment/streams) is used.

    Automatic Cache Clean-up

    To modify the displayed synchronization schedule, click Edit to call the Scheduler window. Make the desired changes to the schedule in this window, then click OK to confirm your modifications.

  4. (Optional) Click Create New Test Project to test your new settings via a test deployment.
  5. Click OK to confirm the changes and close the window.

Any changes made are saved and applied to the selected image repository.

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