Managing device-user relationship

User is any person that has a "relation" with the respective computer, that is, a user that can log on to the Device to execute operations on it. Devices can be assigned to either primary user or secondary users. You can assign or unassign these types of users to the selected device by creating a relationship between the two objects. Every time a user-device relation is modified the user will be automatically assigned any missing operational rules that come with the new relation or be unassigned form those not conforming to his new relation.

Creating a relationship between a device and a user

  1. Select Add Relationship .
    The User Relationship window appears.
  2. Click Select a device  next to the Device Name field.
    The Assign a Device window opens on the screen. It will show you all devices that may be assigned to the user. 

  3. Select the desired device from one of the available list views.
  4. Click OK .
  5. In the Relation Type field select the type of the user, that is, if he is to be a primary or secondary user of the selected device.
    A user can be the primary user and secondary users of as many secondary devices as necessary.

  6. Clear the Disable automatic relationship update from agent running on the device box, if you do want the agent to automatically update the primary user of this device.
  7. Click OK to confirm the device user.

You have now defined a device of which the selected user is a user. The user will now be always update on all operational rules that are assigned to/unassigned from this device.

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