Managing console appearance and general preferences

The following topics are provided:

Managing general preferences

In the General tab, you can configure the following preferences:



Console appearance

Look'n Feel

The console comes with a number of predefined Look'n'Feel versions for the outward look of the console. Select your preferred look in this list.


The console also provides a number of different languages. Currently available languages are French, German, Japanese, Spanish, UK English and US English. Select the desired language from the list. When the console is opened for the first time and no preference have been set yet, it will select the language of the local operating system, if it is one of the previously listed languages, if not the default language will be UK English.

Time Zone

The console provides you with the possibility to change the time zone for your console appearance. By default when the console is opened for the first time, the operating system time zone is used.

System Timezone

This option always will use the time zone which is selected for the local operating system. This is also the default option.

Custom Time Zone

Select the radio button to the left of the list box and then select the time zone you would like to use as a base for all CM operations via the console.

Date Format

This box defines the default date and time format which is used for any display of time (modification time, creation time, etc.) within the console.

Frequently Used Nodes

Number of nodes to be remembered

Define in this box how many of the most frequently accessed nodes the console should remember. The default value is 10. You can access any of these nodes by selecting the View > Frequently Used Nodes menu item. The list next to the menu item displays the list of your most frequently used nodes.

Create new Object

Open Properties Dialog Box

This check box defines if the Properties window is opened when you create any new object in the console. Through this window you can directly define the name and any other object specific data. By default the box is checked meaning the window is opened. If you clear the box new objects are created in the database and displayed in the respective table with their default name and settings.

System Settings

Auto LockDown Delay (sec)

This entry defines the maximum time that can elapse without any input to the computer by the keyboard or mouse before the console is locked down for security reasons. If that time has elapsed the user/administrator must enter his login again to unlock the console. The default value for this number is 600 seconds.

Processing Window Delay (sec)

This entry defines how many seconds of processing must elapse before the processing window is displayed. This window informs the user that a process is currently executing. The default value for this option is 3 seconds. If you enter 0 the option is deactivated and no window will be displayed.

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