Launching the console via command line

The BMC Client Management console can also be launched via the command line. In this case it can be opened directly for a specific device and at a specific functionality, such as remote control for device X.


The console jar file is located at %APPDATA%/\BMC Software\Client Management\Web Start and java is located in the bin folder. So you have to install the web start package to use the command line to launch the console. For more information, see Downloading and installing the BMC Helix Client Management console.

To open the console on the Direct Access node of a device of your network

  1. Open a terminal window.
  2. Enter the following command line to open the console on the dashboard: NumaraFootprintsAssetCore.jar -u myusername -p mypassword -s 1610 -n

    If the device does not exist or you do not have sufficient rights to access it, an error message displays and the console will be opened on the dashboard.

    If -u, -p, and -s are not supplied, the main login window will ask for the login and password before opening the console on the requested device/functionality.

    A device can exist under several nodes, that is under the Device Topology as well as in device groups under the main Device Groups node. When using the command line options, the console will be opened on the device node which is first returned by the search mechanism. This will always be a node under the Device Groups node. The console will open on the device under the Device Topology if the device is not a member of any group. If the search command line option is defined, the console will open on the device shown directly under the Search node.

  3. The BCM console appears, and opens the hierarchy in the left panel on the Device Groups > Your Device Group.

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