Launching a diagnostic

If you are launching a diagnostic for the first time on a device or a device group proceed as follows:

If you are relaunching the diagnostic, start at step 3 of the procedure.

  1. Select the Devices / Device Groups node in the left tree hierarchy.
  2. Right-click the selected node in the left tree hierarchy.
    A pop-up menu appears.
  3. Select the Add Device / Add Device Group / option.

    If the device/group is already listed under the node you can (re-)launch a diagnostic by simply clicking Launch Diagnostic from the drop-down menu to the right above the table.

    The Select a Device Group window appears.

  4. Select the desired device/device group and click OK.
    The User Accounts Used for Diagnostic window appears.
  5. Here you can enter or modify user accounts to access the device(s) by clicking Add or Modify.
    A Properties window appears.
  6. Enter the login name and corresponding password in the respective text boxes and re-enter the password for confirmation or modify the existing values.
  7. To view the passwords clear the Hide Passwords check box. Both password boxes will now be displayed in clear text format.
  8. To confirm the new user account click OK at the bottom of the window.
  9. The account will be added to the list in the User Accounts Used for Diagnostic window.
  10. Repeat the previous steps to add more authentications if necessary.
  11. Click OK to confirm all authentications and launch the diagnostics.
    An information window appears informing you that the diagnostic was launched.
  12. Click Close to close the window.

The diagnostic is started directly. A node will appear for the device/device group under the Global Settings > Diagnostic Tool > Device Groups / Devices nodes in which you can follow the progress of the diagnostic tests.

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