Killing Firefox before starting the distribution

If you are using this software distribution to upgrade existing Firefox versions, BMC recommends to make sure that any existing version of the Firefox browser is stopped on the target devices before starting the installation. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the Operational Rules top node in the left window pane.
    The right window pane displays the list of existing operational rules and folders.
  2. Select Your Package Distribution Rule.
  3. Go to the Steps tab.
  4. Click Add Step .
    The Select a Step dialog appears.
  5. In the Available Steps box open the folder Process Management and select step End Processes .
  6. Click Add .
    The Properties dialog appears.
  7. Make the following changes in the window: the option The rule fails for box Stop Condition and enter 256 in the RAM (MB) text box.
    • Select the option The rule fails from the Stop Condition list.
    • Enter firefox.exe into the box Process Names .
  8. Click OK to add the step to the list.
  9. In the table to the right select the line RAM (MB) and then click Move Up once.
    Now the required new step is added and at the right position: If any version of Firefox is currently being executed on a target device, it is stopped before the installation process is started.
  10. Now you can continue to assign the package to its targets or to reactivate the package assignment if you modified an existing package
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