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Setting the Identity module parameters


Default Value


Identity Time (sec)


Defines how often a device is to send its identity up to its parent relay.

Short Identity Time (sec)


A special short timer which is setup and executed once after startup to make sure each object is registered in the database right away. This timer can be disabled by setting it to 0.

Check Identity Time (sec)


Defines the interval in seconds at which the device's identity is verified via its IP address and GUID.

Execute Script on Changed IP

Allows to execute a specific script when the agent is launched for the first time and every time the IP address of the agent's device is changed, with the exception of or ::1 . Enter here the absolute path to the script.

Launch Script if IP Address Changes to


Defines if the script is also to be executed for the address.

User Time To Live (h)


Defines the time to live of the user record in hours. Every detected user entry with a detection time older than this threshold is removed.

Primary User Period (h)


Indicates the period in hours to use for computing the primary user.

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