Getting started with managing software licenses

Automatic software asset management in Client Management is performed via Application Management. The system will automatically discover applications that are licensable and allow the users to determine license units they would like to manage and track usage of.

When these are assigned to devices or device groups, they are evaluated with regards to the applications installed to define their compliance with a specific license.

The main object of this functionality is the license unit . It represents an application, suite, or product that needs tracking, because it requires one or more valid licenses for its execution. It can be populated and evaluated in the following different ways:

  • Scanned Application :
    the license unit is populated with individual software applications, that are under the same license scheme.
  • Query :
    The license unit is populated via the result of a query of type Device , that is, all devices that answer the software criteria specified in the query.
  • Software Catalog :
    the license unit is populated with applications of the Software Catalog, that are under the same license scheme. Applications added from the Software Catalog cannot be monitored.


    You should have Microsoft Windows 7 and Office or some of its applications installed, because the following steps are based on them. However, you can also execute these examples by replacing them with another operating system version and group of applications that you installed on your devices.

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