Evaluating the Licensed Software for Authorized Software Installations

To find the devices on which the applications are authorized to be installed but are not installed the status of the group must be changed.

  1. Reselect the MS Office > Assigned Objects > Device Groups node in the left window pane and the group entry in the table to the right.
  2. Click the Change Status icon.
  3. Click Yes in the Confirmation dialog box.
    The status is now changed to Authorized .
  4. Click Evaluate .
    The group members will be immediately checked if they have the software installed.
  5. To view the evaluation results select the node of the assigned group subnode in the left window pane.
    This view displays all members of the group and the interesting value here can be found in the column Compliance Status (the status of this column depends on the values of the Status and Installed columns):
  • The value Compliant indicates in this case that the software is installed on this device and that it is allowed to have this software installed.
  • The value Not compliant indicates in this case that the software is installed on the device but the device is not allowed to have it installed.
  • The value Not installed indicates that the software is not installed on this device even though it is allowed to have it installed.
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