Enrolling mobile devices for VPP

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Configuring a Mobile Device Manager in BCM

To distribute VPP assets and licenses, you need to configure a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) server in the BCM network.

  1. On the BMC Client Management console, select Mobile Device Management > Mobile Device Managers.
  2. Right-click Mobile Device Managers > Add Device.
  3. On the Add a new Mobile Device Manager window, select the mobile device manager.
    The new mobile device manager is added to the console.

Generating an Apple push certificate

Note: Before you generate an Apple push certificate, ensure that an MDM server is available in BMC Client Management.

The Apple push certificate is required to manage iOS devices through the BMC Client Management console.

  1. On the BMC Client Management console, select Mobile Device Management > Configuration > Apple Push Certificate.
  2. Right-click Apple Push Certificate > Prepare Certificate.
  3. On the Create CSR Certificate window, enter the appropriate values.
  4. Click Generate CSR Certificate and save the certificate to a secure disk or system.
  5. Click Next.
  6. In the Apple Manual Procedure window, click Apple Push Certificate.
  7. Sign in to the Apple portal website using your Apple account credentials.
  8. Upload the CSR certificate to the Apple portal. 
    Apple manually creates the final push certificate by using the uploaded certificate.
  9. Click Download to download the final push certificate to a secure disk or system.
  10. Click Next.
  11. On the Import Apple Push Certificate, click Browse to select the final push certificate.
    The Apple push certificate is installed in BMC Client Management.

Enrolling mobile devices

You must enroll iOS mobile devices to the MDM server, because only then can BMC Client Management distribute and install VPP applications to these mobile devices. You can choose to synchronize a user group registered with the Active Directory or manually enroll users individually for VPP applications.

  1. On the BMC Client Management console, go to Mobile Device Management > Configuration > Enrollment.
  2. Add email domains, users, or user groups.
    1. In the Authorized Email Domains tab, right-click anywhere in the tab and click Add Email Domain to add an email domain.
    2. In the Authorized Users tab, right-click anywhere in the tab and click Add User to add a user to the authorized list.
    3. In the Authorized User Groups tab, right-click anywhere in the tab and click Add User Group to add a list of users to the authorized list.
    4. In the Customization tab, click Browse to select a new logo, customize it and apply that logo on the mobile device enrollment page that is sent with the enrollment email.
  3. In the Authorized Users tab, right-click users, and Send Enrollment Email to invite mobile users to self-register for VPP applications.
  4. In the Authorized User Groups tab, right-click user groups, and  Send Enrollment Email to invite all mobile users in a group to self-register for VPP applications.

Where to go from here

After you enroll mobile devices for VPP, you can then synchronize the assets purchased through VPP in BMC Client Management.

Synchronizing VPP accounts in BCM

Installing applications with VPP licenses

Managing VPP Licenses


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