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Upgrading the master and database on Windows systems

The new version of BMC Client Management requires new tablespaces. For more information, see Preparing for upgrade. If you have an SQL database, the tablespace upgrade is included in the master upgrade process. However, in specific situations, you still must upgrade the tablespaces manually. For example, if you renamed the tablespaces from their default values. For more information on updating tablespaces, see Preparing for upgrade.

The update processes of the master and the database are closely linked together and consist of the operations described in the following procedure.

  1. Change to the upgrade/master directory.
    This directory contains the master upgrade packages for all supported platforms.

  2. Launch the upgrade.exe file to start the upgrade wizard.
    A popup requests you to select your language for the installation procedure.
  3. Select the language and click OK. Wait for a few moments while InstallShield prepares the Windows Installer installation and the configuration of BMC Client Management.
    The License Agreement window displays.
  4. Select I accept the terms of agreement and click Next.
    The Check Upgrade Settings window displays showing the currently installed version number and the version to which you are upgrading.
  5. (Optional) Click Change if you want to change the installation path.
  6. Click Next.
    The Upgrade Options window displays. If you do not want to automatically upgrade all your clients after the master is upgraded to the new version, clear the Client Agent Options option.
  7. Click Next.
    The next window lists all of the requirements that need to be fulfilled before you can start the actual upgrade process. 
  8. If appropriate, select the All these requirements are met option, otherwise abandon the upgrade and execute the necessary tasks before relaunching the process.

  9. This step is version specific. 

    This window displays only when you are upgrading from any version before 12.5.

    Select I have read and I accept to upgrade.

  10. Click Next.
    The Predefined Objects window displays.
  11. Select the language of predefined objects to import and click Next.
  12. This step is version specific.

    This window displays only when you are upgrading from version 12.1.
    The Service Lock Configuration window appears on the screen.

    Select Lock the Client Management Agent Service to prevent local administrators from stopping or starting the service. If you select this option, you have to specify Unlock Password. Click Next.

  13. The Continuous Improvement Program window displays.
  14. Select the appropriate option and click Next.
    The Ready to Upgrade window displays.
  15. Click Upgrade to start the upgrade process.
    The upgrade first stops the agent (that is, the blue icon in the system tray disappears) and then upgrades all components that you have selected to upgrade.
  16. In the wizard complete window, click Finish.
    To view the upgrade log, select the respective option. We recommend that you select this option because the log file contains important information if you face a problem during the upgrade.

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