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Reviewing BMC Client Management security

You can review the BMC Client Management security by using the security checklist. This checklist provides an overview of the communication security of the BCM environment.

The security checklist displays the following items and whether they are configured:

  • Use local authority–does the BCM environment use a local authority? Local authority replaces the shared certificate authority used before BCM 12.0 that might still be in use in installations that have been upgraded from versions originally installed with a version earlier than BCM 12.0. 
  • Use HTTPS–is HTTPS communication enabled? Warns against SSL settings that permit some unencrypted communication between agents, 
  • Use Enhanced Security–is the system using enhanced security? Shows with the number of BCM agents that support enhanced security, and links to a list of those that do not. If all agents support enhanced security, it shows an Activate Enhanced Security link.  You must understand the implications of enhanced security before you enable it. See Enabling enhanced security for more information.

  • Use strong encryption–is the system using the strong encryption introduced with BCM 12.7, or the legacy bespoke cryptography from earlier releases.
  • Use FIPS–supports the FIPS140-2 compliant encryption mode that uses only the most current version OpenSSL for encryption. For more information, see Running BMC Client Management in FIPS-compliant mode.
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