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Remote management overview through the BCM Java Console

The Remote Manager of BMC Client Management includes accessing remote services such as network applications, transferring files among servers and workstations, administering servers, and viewing or taking control of distributed desktops to help users with problems. Through the Remote Control node you can directly access any of the managed devices within your system, however, you need to ensure that you have the corresponding login information and access rights.

To be able to establish a connection you might be required to have the login information of the managed device, that is, the login name and its corresponding password, and the agent access rights, which are defined through the agent’s user interface. This setting is defined via the System Variables.

On the side of the client, the agent icon in the systray, which normally is blue and oscillates green, when the agent is busy, turns yellow , to indicate to the user that the client was taken over via remote control.

Once the remote control connection is established, the target screen appears in the full console window. By default the icon bar is externalized from the console window and displays as a separate panel next to the maximized console window. You can change this setting by clicking the Maximize icon to return to the usual console display.

You can take over the control of a remote device from the SearchDevice Groups and Device Topology location.


 If you are using NAT configurations the devices can only be accessed via Remote Control if agent tunneling is activated.

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