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Managing patches of a bulletin

A patch can consist of one or more executable files to be installed. One or more of these files might be applicable to different operating systems and thus not be installed on all of them.

Patch information

The Patches tab provides the following information:



Patch Name

The name of the executable file contained in the security patch.


The importance of the security vulnerability and patch, which is represented by a colored flag. This is not necessarily the same severity as that of the bulletin. If a bulletin is classified as Unrated, it is often due to the fact that it contains several executable files with different severity ratings.

Device Count

The number of devices that need this patch to be installed. Be aware that this number is not the total number of concerned devices in the network but the number of devices which the administrator has read and/or write access to.


The current status of the patch.


The fields of this column display the approximate size of the patch file in MB.


This field provides some more detailed information about why a patch download has failed.

Superseded By

Displays if a new version of this patch exists and the name of such a patch.


This field can contain an additional textual description of the vulnerability and the remedy effected by the patch.

Last Downloaded URL

This field displays the complete URL to the patch.

To hide or unhide a patch

If a specific patch has an issue, administrators can hide the patch in a bulletin and choose not to deploy it on a device.

  1. Open the Patch Management > Patch Manager > Your Patch Manager > Bulletins by Year or Bulletins by Product node.
    Alternatively, you can also hide a patch from the inventory of a Device or a Device Groups (Device Topology or Device Groups > your device/group > Inventory > Patch > Missing Patches > Edit > Hide Patch).
  2. Double-click the bulletin that contains the patch that you want to hide.
  3. Click the Patches tab.
  4. Click the patch you want to hide, right-click and select Hide Patch.
  5. In the Hide Patch dialog box, enter a reason for hiding the patch and click OK.
  6. To unhide a patch, click the Hidden Patches node.
  7. Select the patch that you want to unhide, right-click, and select Unhide Patch.
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