Configuring the SQL database for Atrium CMDB integration

The configuration for the integration component is stored in a file named, and an example configuration file is included in the <InstallDirectory>\bcncmdbintegration\config folder.

If your BMC Client Management database resides on a Microsoft SQL server, some database specific configuration will be required. Follow the ensuing steps to add this configuration to the file.

For Microsoft SQL databases, the database owner name, and schema prefix will need to be added to the file. Follow the ensuing steps to locate this information, and add it to the configuration file.

The following topics are provided:

Configuring the database owner

  1. On the BMC Client Management master, navigate to the directory where BMC Client Management is installed (typically \Program Files\BMC Software\Client Management\Master ).
  2. Open the Vision64Database.ini file from the \Master\config directory.
  3. Locate the User= line, the username specified here is the database owner.

Configuring the schema prefix

  1. Open SQL Management Studio on the SQL server where the BMC Client Management database resides.
  2. After logging into Management Studio, in the Object Explorer section on the left side of the window, expand Databases > Your Database > Tables (replace Your Database with the name of your BMC Client Management database, typically bcmdb ).
  3. Note the name appearing to the left of the dot in the table names ; this is the schema owner. As an example, in the following screenshot, we can see that the schema owner is bcmdbuser :

After identifying the database owner, and schema prefix, please add these values to the SQLDBOWNER and SQLSCHEMAPREFIX parameters in the file. For example, if the schema prefix and database owner are both bcmdbuser, these parameters should be entered as shown (note the dot at the end of the SQLSCHEMAPREFIX parameter, please ensure this dot is entered in your configuration file also):

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