Distributing the package via the transfer window

Now the required transfer window is defined and the distribution of Firefox can be continued:

  1. Open the Packages > Assigned Objects > Your Package > Device Groups node.
  2. Select Your Device Group entry in the right window pane.
  3. Click Properties .
    A confirmation window appears, click OK. The Scheduler dialog appears.
  4. In the When do you want this rule to be run on devices? box either check Right now to directly launch the installation or the Run repeatedly on a schedule option and then define the desired date and time via the new boxes that appear to start the installation at a later time.
  5. Click OK to confirm the schedule.
    The software distribution process via multicast to the clients is now started.
  6. To verify that the distribution was correctly executed via multicast go to Your Device Group subnode.
    In the table to the right all member devices of the group are listed with their status values and other data.
  7. Check the column Transport Mode.

    As long as the software distribution has not executed it will display the value Unknown . After the distribution started it displays }} , if the multicast distribution worked properly. If this is not the case the software distribution is executed in the regular way and this text box displays {{Unicast .

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