Defining Applications to Use in Application Management

You can manually define an application for management by adding it to the Custom Applications . Once it is defined there it can be added to all types of managed as well as for the licensed applications. Applications can be defined in a number of ways from different locations in the console. For our first step we select the easiest method, that is, adding the application from the Software Inventory to the Custom Applications :

  1. Go to the Device Topology node and find the device which contains all the software applications you want to define, for example the master server.
  2. Select the device's Inventory > Software > Scanned Applications node.
  3. Find the software application to be managed in the table in the right window pane, for example Adobe Reader , and select it.
  4. Click Add as Managed Application .
  5. Click OK in the Confirmation dialog box.
  6. If you already have an application list defined another Confirmation windowdisplays. Click No .
  7. Go to the Application Management node and select the Custom Applications subnode.Here you will now find an entry for Adobe Reader in the list. If this is not the case yet refresh the view.
  8. Repeat this procedure to add some more applications for the examples to follow, e.g. add the Pinball game and the Windows 7 operating system to the list.

All applications added here are now ready for usage by the application monitoring and software license management functionalities.

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