Defining an upload schedule for Power Management

To define the upload schedule of the Power Management you have two possibilities:

  • Modify the default inventory parameters of the Power Management module.
  • Define a different schedule via an operational rule and assign it to the targets.

The following paragraph explains the first option, because creating a specific schedule has already been detailed in other topics. We will change the basic schedule for all devices not only for one, therefore we will do this via the power management configuration rule that we created before:

  1. Open the Operational Rules top node in the left window pane.
  2. Select the Power Management Configuration rule among its children.
  3. Select the Steps tab in the right window pane.
  4. Select the entry in the table to the right and double-click it.
    The Properties window appears. It displays the following parameters which are available for the inventory management:

    Upload on Startup

    Defines if the inventory is uploaded to the master after being updated the first time on agent startup. It is recommended to activate this option to ensure that the inventory is updated at least at every startup of the agent. If it is deactivated a regular update and upload of the inventory must be configured through operational rules.

    Differential Upload

    Specifies if the inventory is to be completely replaced which each upload when differences are detected or only with the delta, that is, the modifications of the inventory.

    Upload Interval (sec)

    Defines the upload period for the inventory in seconds. If it is set to 0, no uploads are configured by the module, but they can still be managed through operational rules. The setting only configures the upload of existing data, it does not include an update of the inventory.

    Minimum Gap Between Two Uploads (sec)

    Defines the minimum time interval between inventory uploads in seconds. If the value is set to 0 this option is deactivated and there is no minimum interval.

    Log Events

    Specifies if the events that are generated are to be logged on the local database.

  5. Make the desired modifications, then click OK to confirm the modifications and again OK to confirm the step.

    If modifications were made to an operational rule it must be reassigned to its targets to notify the local agents of these.

  6. Open the Assigned Objects > Assigned Group node of the rule.
  7. Select the entry in the table to the right.
  8. Select Edit > Reassign Operational Rule .
    The reassignment process of the operational rule will be launched. You can follow its execution under the following Assigned Device node. After the status Updated is displayed for all devices, the local agents are aware of the modifications and will from now on manage the inventory upload according to this schedule.
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