Defining an Application for File Corruption Protection

The Protection or Selfhealing feature of CM is based on a list of selfhealing applications. Each protected application has a definition that contains all the information necessary to protect that application, that is the list of files which are part of the application, the date and time the file was found belonging to the application as well as its size and checksum at that time. All this information is gathered by the local agent and stored in its database. The agent will then check the file time and size at regular intervals, currently set to 5 minutes. If the time and/or size of the file has changed the agent will then verify the checksum. If all three values have changed the agent will recover a copy of the original file either from a backup located on the local device or from a copy by another agent with the same file protection scheme.

For this example we will add the application to protect from the Custom Applications. If you have not yet defined any, refer first to example Defining Applications to Use in Application Management in the Advanced section to add the Reader application.

  1. Select the Wizards > Application Management menu item or launch it directly from the dashboard.
  2. In the Introduction window select the Configure a list of applications to manage radio button.
  3. Click Next .
  4. In the Application List window enter Protecting Adobe Reader into the Name field.
  5. From the Type drop-down list select the Protected Application option.
  6. From the Source drop-down list select the Scanned Applications option.
  7. Click Next .
  8. In the Applications window click the Add an application from the custom applications icon.
  9. Select the Adobe Reader application in the list displayed in the Add an Application from the Custom Applications window.
  10. Click the OK button to confirm.
  11. Click Next .
  12. In the Assigned Objects window click Add Device on top of the list field.
  13. Go to the All tab of the Select a Device window and select the master from the list.
  14. Click OK .
  15. Click Finish .
  16. In the Confirmation dialog box, click Yes to confirm the activation.
    The application is defined for corruption selfhealing.
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