Creating Your Own Compliance Report

The CM console provides a number of report templates specifically for compliance management. This task creates and generates some examples of the available templates. You can also create your own style-based reports as explained in the Reports topics.

  1. Click the Wizards > Report Creation menu item.
  2. Enter CM Agent Installation Directory Compliance into the Name and Report Title boxes.
  3. Select the Template-based option from the Report Type list.
  4. Select from the Report Template box the template Compliance by Device .
  5. Click Next .
  6. Click Next without any modifications.
  7. Click Assign Compliance Rule .
  8. Select the CM Client Installation Directory rule and click OK .
  9. Click Next .
  10. Check the Immediately radio button in the Execution Date panel.
  11. Check the Immediately generate the report box at the bottom of the window.
  12. Click Finish at the bottom of the window to confirm the new report and immediately generate it.
  13. To view the report, select it and then View Last Result  .
    A browser window opens on the screen and displays the generated report.

You have now created a template based report, generated it and viewed it.

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