Adding an Application from a Device

To add an application via an executable file of a specific device proceed as follows. Be aware, that an application which does not provide all information required for a managed application cannot be added as such, in this case the following menu option will not be accessible.

  1. Select Add Application from Device .
    The Select a Device window opens on the screen.
  2. Select from one of the proposed lists the device on which the desired executable file is located. You must provide access rights to this device if you have not yet done so via another of the console‘s functionalities.
  3. Click OK at the bottom of the window to confirm the device.
    Now the Select Executable File window appears displaying the directory structure of the selected device.
  4. Find the executable file in the hierarchy and select it, then click OK .
    The Add User Defined Application window appears. It provides all the data it can find on the selected executable apart from a name which you need to complete.
  5. Click OK at the bottom of the window to confirm.
  6. If you are defining a Protected Application a Properties window displays now on the screen, in which you need to define the selfhealing options as previously explained under .
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