Adding a new dashboard

  1. Click Create Dashboard .
    The Properties window appears.
  2. Enter an explicative name into the Name box, for example, Active Firewall Results .
  3. Click OK .
    The new dashboard will be added directly under the main Dashboards node.
  4. Select the newly created dashboard in the left hierarchy tree.
  5. Move your cursor over the left square in the right window pane and click the left mouse button.
  6. In the Add a Chart window find your compliance rule, for example, Firewall and select it.
  7. Click OK .
    A pie chart will be shown in the left frame displaying the overall compliance status of all device groups assigned to the compliance rule as of the rule's last evaluation results.
  8. Now move your cursor to the right frame and click again your mouse button.
  9. Reselect the same rule in the Add a Chart window and go down to one of its assigned groups, for example, My Devices and click OK .
    A second chart displays to the right, displaying the compliance status of the selected group as of its last evaluation.
  10. To add more charts move to the following line and repeat the preceding steps.

You have now created a dashboard that displays two charts, one displaying the compliance situation for the whole population about a specific rule, the second chart the situation for a specific part of your environment.

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