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This section provides information about upgrading the BMC Client Management product on all supported platforms. The platform upgrade sections also contain instructions for performing any necessary preinstallation and post-upgrade procedures. 

This topic includes:

Before you begin

  • If you are updating from BMC Client Management 12.0 or earlier using the automatic upgrade procedure for your agents and you are using the operating system deployment (OSD) functionality of BMC Client Management, you should first refer to Considerations when upgrading OSD to version 12.1 and later before you start the upgrade. The OSD functionality has undergone major changes in BMC Client Management 12.1 release that might impact your way of working, and you might consider not to automatically upgrade your OSD Manager devices to the new version, or execute some specific actions on these before proceeding with the upgrade.
  • If you have an OnDemand installation and your system is properly set up, all BMC Client Management components should be automatically upgraded.
  • Make sure you have a valid license for your upgrade to the current version. Your current license continues to work for 30 days after the upgrade. You can download your new license from your support profile on our website, or by contacting Technical Support.
  • If you are currently using Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 to access the agent interface, you can no longer display the graphics of these pages. You must upgrade to a newer browser. For more information, see System requirements.

Upgrade considerations 

The following notices relate to the replacement of ExpressMetrix software catalog with the Flexera software catalog:

  • ExpressMetrix applications cannot be mapped with Flexera applications. After the master server is upgraded the Software Catalog inventory is purged to the BCM database.
  • If you are using the BMC Atrium CMDB integration:
    • During the first import in the CMDB after master server is upgraded, all applications are regarded as new.
    • Customers need to launch the  Delete Software job to delete the old entries, then the Reconciliation & Merge job and finally the Purge job.
  • After an upgrade the existing application lists with Catalog objects are automatically updated with the new Custom Applications. 
    You must manually update the Licensed Software linked to Software Catalog.

  • With the new software catalog, applications lists are now restricted only to Client Management objects. Catalog objects are no longer supported. For more information about application lists, see updates to Managing applications.

  • The suites have been removed from software catalog. It is possible to replace them with another item: application or license via a tool that can be launched from console dashboard or from Software catalog node.

Upgrading stages

The following table provides links to relevant topics in the stages of the upgrade process:

Review the upgrade process of BMC Client Management master and database on all supported platforms
Review the upgrade process of the BMC Client Management Console and the predefined objects
Review the upgrade process of BMC Client Management agents via device groups
Verify the upgrade process

The upgrade process can be summarized as the following steps:

Supported upgrade paths

If you are upgrading your agents manually, ensure that you always upgrade your master first, and then the agents. An agent cannot communicate with a master that is of an earlier version than the agent.

If you are upgrading from 11.x to 12.x, ensure that you first upgrade to 12.0, then to 12.1, and then you can upgrade to any later 12.x version. Upgrading from 11.x directly to 12.x is not possible due to the tablespace changes which does not support this upgrade path.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.