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Setting up a VPP account with Apple

The following topics are covered.


Before you begin 

  • You must have a valid business email address to enroll for a VPP account.
  •  Your organization must have a valid D-U-N-S number. The D-U-N-S number is a unique nine-digit number that identifies business entities on a location-specific basis. Apple does not allow individuals to sign up for a VPP account.
  • You can get VPP credit from Apple or use an Apple reseller or Credit card to purchase VPP applications.
  • Provision an MDM server. One or more Mobile Device Managers (MDM) can help to streamline distribution of content purchased through VPP for mobile users. 

To enroll for a VPP account 

  1. Log in to the Apple VPP website.
  2. On the Volume Purchase Plan page, click Enroll.
  3. Enter your details and click Next.
  4. Complete your deployment development enrollment program.
    You are enrolled for a VPP account.

To purchase applications through Volume Purchase Program

After you enroll for a VPP account, you can purchase applications for your organization.

  1. Log in to the Apple VPP website
  2. Search for available iOS apps in iTunes.
  3. Enter your purchase credentials to process bulk purchasing of VPP applications.

To download the VPP token from the VPP website 

The VPP token is required to authenticate the VPP account in BMC Client Management. After the VPP account is set up in BMC Client Management, the applications purchased through Apple are synchronized in BMC Client Management. When a VPP application is installed on a device or for a user, VPP licenses are used. The token also ensures that the license count is synchronized in Apple and BMC Client Management. 

After you download the VPP token from the Apple website, BCM encrypts the token to enhance security as the token contains important information such as authentication keys. 

To download the VPP token that needs to be imported to the MDM server. 

  1. Log in to the Apple website with a valid VPP account.
  2. Download the VPP token associated with the managed distribution.

Where to go from here

After you set up your VPP account with Apple, enroll your mobile devices for VPP in BCM. In the BCM console, view a new node to configure VPP.

Apple Volume Purchase Program integration with BMC Client Management

Enrolling mobile devices for VPP

Synchronizing VPP accounts in BMC Client Management

Installing applications using VPP licenses

Managing VPP licenses

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.