Managing applications purchased through the Apple Volume Purchase Program

Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is a license management capability to manage applications installed on Apple iOS mobile devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods.

As an organization, if you decide to purchase a large volume of Apple applications for employees, the VPP functionality helps you license and distribute applications (assets) on iOS devices while allowing you to retain complete ownership of assets.

With iOS 9, new features enable more efficient distribution of VPP apps across your organization.

  • Device-based app distribution: Businesses can gain an advantage of a Mobile Device Manager (MDM) solution with VPP to distribute and assign apps directly to a device (iOS 9.3 or later)—no Apple ID is required. This capability saves several steps in the initial rollout, making your deployment significantly easier and faster while giving you full control over managed devices and content.
  • Multinational support: VPP apps can be assigned to devices or users in any country where the app is available, enabling multinational distribution for enterprises.

The following process diagram explains the end-to-end process from purchasing applications through Apple's VPP program to managing applications in BMC Client Management.


This BMC Client Management video describes how to manage applications purchased from the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

Use the following topics to manage applications that are licensed by the Apple Volume Purchase Program.

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