Virtual Infrastructure Management steps

This class contains all steps that are concerned with the management of virtual devices within your network.

Change the state of a machine

This action allows to change the state of a virtual machine by entering its guest member ID or the name, that was given to it by the user. The available options are: start, stop, shut down and pause.



Guest Member ID

Enter the unique identifier of the virtual machine, if this value is to be used to identify the machine. This is the ID in form of a number that you can find in the Guest Member ID column of the list of Virtual Guests , for example, 5148c4a2-7b24-f909-eb1a-29fc30347672 .

Virtual Machine Name

Name of the virtual machine.

Use Virtual Machine Name

Check this box if you want to identify the virtual machine by the name, that the user has given the machine. In this case the field Guest Member ID is not used.

State to apply to the machine

You need to specify the state you want to apply to the virtual machine: either start , stop , shut down or pause .

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