This section provides information on how the IT administrator can successfully achieve organization's infrastructure management goals using BMC Client Management.

The following table provides links to relevant topics for each goal:

Understand BMC Client Management console
Scan a complete network or parts of a network for all existing devices
Understand the process of agent rollout
Understand and apply operational rules
Collect and manage inventory of a device or a device group
Monitor and manage installed applications
Track and manage usage of software licenses

Track and manage financial data of IT assets

Evaluate compliance of your IT environment with necessary rules and regulations
Manage, update, and download patches across your network

Automate distribution, installation, and configuration of all enterprise software

Deploy and manage operating systems
Manage devices effectively and lock unauthorized devices

Monitor all systems on a network remotely

Implement power management on client systems
Use diagnostic tools for verifications and checks
Remotely configure and manage iOS mobile devices

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